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Migrating Joomla Site from XAMPP to WAMP: HTTP 500 Internal Server Error

Imagine getting that message in the middle of a migration. In my case, it was an instant migration. I was in this meeting today talking about transferring a site to a customer, closing a project and all. Everything turned out fine, except for the fact that the previously third-party-hosted site is to be hosted locally. Effective from today. “That is possible, right?” said the client calmly.

I opened the local server. Huh, WAMP. Transferred, exported, imported, modified. “Few problems here and there, but they should not be a problem,” my optimistic mind told me. Then, that thing on the title appeared.

Let’s cut to the chase. Found several answers, but one of those from did save me. `rewrite_module` is not by default activated. It can either be turned into on position through the WAMP interface (as a module somewhere in Apache) or manually by altering the httpd.conf (again, somewhere in the Apache folder). If you are going with the latter, find a line with `rewrite_module` and make it look like this:

LoadModule rewrite_module modules/

In case you haven’t found the answer, hope this works out.

And I am telling you..

I am going.

Read a tweet today, that said going through your friend’s writing bring memories back to life. And to life it is. Night is all about reflection. Since #galau is in the air, I’d like to participate. This time, it’s all about moving and memories.

Leaving does kinda sucks (excuse my freedom of expression in language there). Having spent my whole life in this place, I knew there has to be something about leaving it. I often thought about the “new turf”. The air that I breathe, is it gonna be the same? The people I meet, will they be welcoming? The bed that I sleep on, can I feel as comfortable? And it goes on and on and on.. I did it so many times that I know it’s not the problem. I was just afraid of leaving. Guess the baby’s not really ready to let his blanket go, huh? πŸ˜‰

I want to run

I want to hide

I want to tear down the walls that hold me inside

I want to reach out and touch the flame

Where the streets have no name

There were dozens of bad things that I hoped hadn’t happened, just as much as things I’m always thankful for. All that happened here, good or bad, they made me who I am. As it turns out, they are the reason I must go. What good has it been, if I stop now? Deep down I know, I leave to return another day..when I’m better, and ready to make the place better. πŸ™‚

You leave home, you move on

And do the best you can

I will surely miss these tropical winds, the comfy bed, the warmth of home, the wonderful people, and the things I may never be able to mention one by one.

Yes, Kenjeran looks much better in that picture. And even better because I (can say that I) was there. I think I want to especially thank the people who hated, mocked, and pushed me back in the schooldays. The good ones have enriched me with positivity. But you introduced me to the other side, one that I was so terrified of. It was so bad that I swore I would never do the same, that I should do otherwise: be better for me and people around me. And here I am.

If I could walk around, I swear I will leave

Won’t take nothing but a memory

From the house that built me

They say it’s a new chapter we all have to go through. Some of you readers might have been through this, some may just about to do it too. Let’s turn the page, but let’s not leave the book behind. My hopes are so high for the journey, and so..allow me to take you all with me. Be the strength I will need!

Love you mom and dad. Love you grandpa. Love you fellas. Love you educators. Love you Surabaya. So long..

Guess who People’s Most Influential is!

It’s Mr. Chris Colfer!

Well, I can’t help it. I watch Glee, I like it. Not exactly my favorite character, but I totally have to post this! Did I mention he also won a Golden Globe? Congrats Chris πŸ˜€

Oh, by the way, runner-up’s Rain. And Lady Gaga on 3rd place. Congrats to all of you πŸ™‚

Untuk semua mahasiswa (khususnya SI-ITS) di luar sana

Early to bed, early to rise. Makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise

Karena saya mengalami sendiri betapa tidur malam itu jadi “penyakit” yang tak kunjung sembuh di kalangan kita πŸ˜‰

Parahnya kalau udah terbiasa, ngebalikin ke ritme tidur normal juga tak mudah. Lembur itu wajar, tapi istirahat kadang justru akan membantu kita menyelesaikan berbagai hal dengan lebih baik!

This stiff, stiff neck (and shoulders)

8 new tabs, all on relaxation and massage tips

Yeah, that was the first thing I did when I landed on my desk today. Been through it for days now 😦 Oh hang on a sec, I mean months. I really was thankful that this soreness decided to leave a couple of weeks ago. But now it’s bacckkk..!! πŸ™„

Being in IT field has its own benefits AND drawbacks. Sorry, no positive aspects here. Just gonna talk about how in the world my upper part body is so messed up now. Looking at the monitor for hours, or even days, is a normal routine. Too bad believing without seeing is still not-an-easy-one job. Now that the pain is here, stopping every once in a while and do a little stretching do not really help. Other than that, here are 5 links that in my consideration is a good tips for your neck/shoulder problem:

What I haven’t found is a good masseuse or therapist in the city. Reference, anyone? Still, we should remember that none of the above link will ever be visited if we could do something to prevent it. Remember to flex and good luck trying!

Internet Kampus Edisi Weekend Pertama April 2011

Jadilah post beneran pertama di blog ini pakai bahasa Indonesia πŸ˜€
Habisnya gimana ya, ini jelas merupakan suatu topik yang cukup memicu naiknya, em, adrenalin..ah sama aja
Intinya, koneksi itu mutlak naik pangkat jadi kebutuhan sekunder (bahkan menuju primer) saat ini. (Ada yang tidak setuju? ;P) Dan saya lagi berkeinginan untuk menulis sesuatu tentang sesuatu yang beberapa tahun lagi bisa dinominasikan untuk masuk dalam daftar puasa ini.

Bertepatan dengan perayaan April Fool’s day kemarin, internet di kampus tercinta secara resmi mengalami ke-ngadat-an! Saya yakin civitas akademika semua cukup terpengaruh dengan hal ini. Belum sampai tingkat demo sih, tapi saya cukup yakin semua pada ngumpat dan ngomel panjang lebar dengan kondisi internet saat ini. Sejujurnya ya, koneksi di kampus ini sudah banyaaaaaaaaaakkkkk…sekali mengalami peningkatan (ingat-ingat jaman ga enak dulu dehβ•°_β•―). Tapi ya kayak gini ini deh, seiring dengan peningkatan kualitas layanan, standar permintaan konsumen pun naik ga keruan lipat-lipatnya..hahahh
Tapi ngga salah juga sih kalo kita heran. Tanpa ada warning tiba-tiba si koneksi inet (short for internet) ngambek bin mbegog (buat yang roaming, dua kata itu artinya sembiring alias sama). Detil ngambek? Lucu deh, proxy-nya berubah-ubah, otentifikasi kadang muncul kadang ngga, load sekarang bisa 2 detik lagi ngga bisa, twitter yang biasanya ngga bisa jadi bisa (tapi di pelanggan telkom sekitar katanya malah jadi ngga bisa), dan seterusnya.

Beberapa tanggapan pun muncul dari ahli koneksi di jurusan saya:

“Pusat Komputer sedang mengadakan kejutan april mop kali ya”
“Kalo ngga server kita rusak ya bandwitdh mau ditambah lagi *yay*”
“Lagi dialihkan buat ujicoba senam petani”

Bagaimana menurut anda?

A New Blog Has Come

First, I would like to officially state one fundamental thing about this blog. If you, my dearest visitor, are looking for theories or discussions of Autoregressive Model, you might be looking in the wrong place. This, like my other blog, is a place to write and simply a place of my insight.

Anyway, the last time I wrote was like..years ago. And now I’m back! I can’t really tell why, and I’m not looking for something dumb to do. But hey, it’s always good to share something with you-don’t-know-who through the Internet, right? We never know if anyone will ever say something that will satisfy us, or even reply at all. But we know that this sacred bytes of space is our safest place to pour anything we have in mind. So, I do hope you enjoy your visit. Tell me where your place is and I will try my best to come by.